This Is the One Person You Need to Trust If You Want to Succeed

Everyone has fear. That is normal. The only difference between successful people and those who are not is that successful people move forward in spite of fear and do not let fear stop them from advancing on their goals and moving forward.”


I had a conversation with my nephew when he was younger. He was moving from the 5th grade to the 6th grade. Moving from an elementary school to a middle school.

He was afraid he would not be able to handle the new school – a new environment, new teachers, multiple teachers instead of the same teacher all day, more and more difficult homework. He felt comfortable in elementary school because he’d figured it out and middle school scared him because he knew nothing about it.

I told him not to worry. I pointed out that the school system had moved him steadily from one grade to another and the job of each grade was to make you ready for the grade that came next. They wouldn’t move you forward, I said, if you weren’t ready to handle what you’ll encounter there.

I was right. He did fine.


But how many of us, when we have to take on a new challenge in life, feel just like my nephew did? Most of us, at one time or another. There’s great comfort in the familiar. It’s tempting to stay with the familiar. But you don’t grow if you don’t move beyond the familiar and challenge yourself to learn what it takes to succeed in a new, unfamiliar environment.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is how you make yourself grow.

I tell my clients the key to growth is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.


If you feel that you’ve mastered the level you’re at in any part of your life, then the fact that you’ve mastered it is proof that you’re capable of mastering challenges. Now look back at all the other challenges you’ve mastered leading up to this point. There is a lifetime of them. More proof that you have what it takes to keep climbing higher.

Armed with that knowledge you can move forward confidently to take on your next challenge. Trust yourself. You’ve succeeded before and that’s all you need to know to succeed again. Believe in yourself and don’t let fear stop you and become your biggest regret.

When a challenge comes up prepare as much as possible, educate yourself, ask others who have experience in that area, even YouTube it if possible. Preparation helps calm anxiety and quiets fear. Most of our worries are mostly in our mind. Worry about the things you can control and do not worry about the things you can not. Think of it this way, the largest and hardest journey you will ever take is the 10 inches between your ears. Don’t let such a small distance make such a huge impact on your life.


Move forward, get into action and once you are in the mist of action and not thinking as much you will see it is not that bad. Be your biggest fan, not your biggest critic, you got this!

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