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Whether in business, sports or life in general, you know talent and drive can only take you so far. It’s why you seek out coaches -- to accelerate your performance and go beyond your current capabilities. Maybe you’re here because you have an ambitious goal and now need the know-how, strategy and accountability to get there ...

Helping students find their focus.

Helping students find their focus.

My experience with Tom as a coach has been wonderful. When we first met, I felt my life was in disarray and I had no idea what direction I was going in. I needed to take action, but felt too overwhelmed to figure out where to start. Through various conversations and exercises, Tom has helped me find my own path. I now have a career I love and I finally feel I am on the road to knowing real peace and happiness. I could not have made so much progress so quickly without Tom’s guidance.
— Taylor K.

Tom with a Stanford MBA Student and Coaching Client.

Tom with a Stanford MBA Student and Coaching Client.

Maybe you’ve noticed a change in your business or in the performance of your team ...

Maybe you’re eager to stay at the top of your game and need new solutions for the challenges you face today.

Whatever the case, you feel stuck right now. Just know that you’re not alone.

What I do is work with you (or your team) to develop a customized process -- The Performance Multiplier -- designed to propel you or your team past your current capabilities. Each step is specialized and intensely focused on your challenges and objectives.

I’m able to help you capitalize on your strengths, while maximizing your time, money and energy. So, ultimately, you end up reaching a tipping point where you achieve new levels of success.

The Performance Multiplier is a process that few people (or businesses) use. Why?

Because it’s something I created and only share with my clients.

As you might imagine, once you understand how to properly use this process, it gives you an incredible advantage.

And as a high achiever, you want every competitive advantage you can get, right?

So if you’re ready to thrive through change, challenge or opportunity, contact me today and schedule your 20-minute consult today.

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Tom Matzelle was very adept at identifying some issues that I was dealing with in my job search. He was very professional and smart when it comes to resumes, job search strategies and helping you optimize your strengths.
— Sharon R.

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