Want something different in your life, but feel powerless to create change?

Maybe you do the same things week after week without really having to think about it.

Maybe you’ve run out of ideas and nothing seems to inspire you anymore. Maybe you just can’t seem to get anything productive done.

Whatever the case, you’re stuck in a rut.

The good news is, this happens to everyone -- and you can start fixing the problem with a few key adjustments. Here’s where I suggest you focus your efforts:

1. Take inventory of your body. Are you getting enough rest? When you’re tired, you don’t think straight and naturally lack motivation. So make sure you’re sleeping well.

Also, look at your eating habits. Healthy eating keeps your blood sugar levels up. This is critical because your blood sugar is the fuel that drives your body throughout the day.

Nuts, whole grains, non-starchy vegetables are all smart food options, as is not skipping meals.

Of course, exercise is important too. You don’t have to run a triathlon or grueling adventure race. Just get outside, enjoy the sun and clear your head. You’ll notice a boost in your ability to think clearly when you’re walking or running (and even driving).

2. Make minor changes to your routine. Get out of the office and work at a coffee shop or library for a few hours. If you usually sleep in and work late, try working a little bit in the mornings or on weekends. You may even want to try collaborating with somebody else.

Your change can even involve something as simple as your clothes. Try adding a new outfit into the mix to shake things up. The key is to just do something that you don’t usually do.

3. Fight your fears. Your mind is your biggest adversary. Getting into action is always easier than you think. Studies show that about 90% of the problems your mind imagines never occur.

Think about what your life would be if you never worried about hearing the word “no.” What would you do or strive for? Keep in mind, everyone goes through cycles of success. Just as the earth has a cycle with the moon and tide, so do people.

It’s natural to feel highs and lows every month. Simply understanding how to minimize your negative feelings during these times goes a long way in stopping your struggles.

You see, we often keep doing things that don’t bring us results because of fear. Your routine is familiar – it’s what you know and it’s safe.

Many people would rather stay with the devil they know than the devil they don’t know. So they stay stubborn, thinking they can push though the problem.

Lack of knowledge also plays a role, too. When you’re fearful of trying something different, it’s often because you don’t know how to make what you want a reality. So the process seem daunting and you don’t even try.

If you’re in this situation, simply ask for help. Leveraging someone else’s expertise is the quickest way to shortcut your time to the outcome you desire.