Personal development and group training for executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes

Regardless of where you’re at right now, a few facts are certain:

You want to achieve more, perform at a higher level and improve an area of your life. The problem is, something -- for whatever reason -- keeps holding you back.

Overcoming these obstacles is where I thrive.

You see, I’ve spent my entire career in the training and development field, mentoring executives, entrepreneurs and athletes -- both one-on-one and as teams.

As a Performance Coach and Business Strategist, I develop and help you implement a personalized step-by-step plan for getting unstuck, removing mental barriers, and creating clear processes for accelerating your success.

I’ve developed an almost universal formula -- something I call The Performance Multiplier -- for propelling you past where you are today.

It’s designed specifically for high achievers and has been shared in 20+ countries, including China, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

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(Tom) provided incredible insights, motivation, and practical advice to our students on how they can accomplish what they want in life. Tom’s approach is engaging, positive, friendly, and inspiring.
— Dr. John Byrne, PhD--Professor & Chair, St. Ambrose U.

My first book is out. Goal Setting: Move Forward and Get Out of the Way, which focuses on simple actions coupled with true, honest self-assessment can help you turn your dreams into reality by first turning your thoughts into action. You’ll learn to:

  • Think less, do more

  • Take at least one step toward your goal every day

  • Know what you want, know why you want it

  • Don't just set goals, set the right goals for you at the right time

Find out about Tom, his mission, methods, and the results he drives from decades of success.

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